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We help you take the marketing off your plate so you can focus ON your business & not be bogged down IN your business!

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Ideation and Implementation

We’re digital marketers trapped in business consultant’s bodies. Our team understands the frustration of having an idea and struggling to turn it into a profitable business. Let us help you profit from your expertise and figure out the best way to go-to-market.

Brand Activation

You’ve got your name, your logo and maybe even your website. Now what? What’s the best way to introduce or re-introduce your brand to your target audience? Let us help you develop a comprehensive strategy to showcase your brand’s personality in a way that helps you build a deeper connection to your audience.

Chief Marketing Officer OnDemand

Let Douglas Alexandra be your Chief Marketing Officer! Our team of talented developers, designers; funnel architects; and business strategists are on call for you, ready to take the marketing off your plate so you can focus ON your business and not be bogged down IN your business.

Business Strategy

Strategy is key. Especially now with all the different ways you can communicate with your target audience. If your digital strategy is not supporting your overall business objectives in a consistent manner, you’re diluting your brand. Everything needs to work together to ensure that your message is consistent and meaningful.

Reputation Management

Influence and manage your brand with our full suite of reputation tools that allow you to easily collect testimonials, manage online reviews, track competition, automate social media posting and much more.

Social Media Strategy and Management

It’s more than just posting. Just like any other critical business function, there needs to be a strategic approach to your social media activity. Goals, performance indicators, metrics, and evaluation must all be detailed when preparing to launch a full-scale social media initiative. We can help you develop a sound strategy and manage the process.

Search Engine Optimization

Let our agency help your business increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

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We’ve Got A Special Place In Our Hearts For
Solopreneurs And Small Business Owners

Just Getting Started?

You’re the one person band that makes it happen day after day. Let us take a little off your load. Surprises are great for birthday parties…not so much when you’re running a small business.

Designed for the solopreneur operating on a budget, our strategy and on Demand support packages meet you where you are and grow with you every step of the way.

Never a cookie-cutter approach…we customize our offering based on the unique needs of our clients, but we have created packages that we know in our experience every solopreneur needs. Schedule a call today to see how we can help!

Feeling Stuck?

Congratulations! You did it! You’re running your own business. You’re the best at what you do…and you know if you stay in your zone of genius you’re unstoppable! It’s all the other stuff that’s keeping you from moving to the next level.But you’ve had bad luck with bad hires or lazy contractors. So you’re hesitant to let go of the reins. But without letting go, even just a bit, you know you won’t experience the growth that you desire.We get it. We’ve been there. That’s one of the main reasons we started Douglas Alexandra! Take some of the pressure off.
Let’s talk about how we can help!

Ready to go the Next Level?

Successful political campaigns are making the shift from traditional media to digital marketing because digital platforms offer a number of options for data-driven marketing opportunities. With the use of advanced and innovative digital techniques, candidates can target voters in ways that were previously not possible.Let’s talk about how we can help you make the most of your campaign marketing budget to raise money and connect with your constituents.

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Let's Get Started

Ready To Make
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